Friday, September 7, 2012

Do You Know The 12 Laws Of Success

Did you know that there is a formula to achieve success? Thousands of people have followed it and are now living their dreams. Want to know the secret? Read First Steps To Wealth by self-made millionaire Dani Johnson. Dani has taken her life from rags to riches and has devoted her life to teaching other people how to do the same thing. In this book, she tells the average person how to increase income, expand influence, and improve relationships. Readers learn strategies for getting everything they want from life without making sacrifices.

The “12 Laws of Success” form the cornerstone of this book. Vision tops the list, emphasizing the importance of figuring out what you want to do with your life. Dani says that no one can help us get what we don’t know we want. Create a vision for your life and align your efforts with it. Whenever you encounter a roadblock, find a way around it. The mental act of going over, around, or underneath a problem is the second law of success.

By increasing our skill set, we add value, which is rewarded through compensation. Value is highly prized by the marketplace and thus, is considered the third law of success. The greatest of all laws, reaping and sowing, comes next. This involves taking personal responsibility for our place in life. Dani says that when we stop blaming others, we put ourselves back in charge, which enables us to create wealth. Some people use a Dani Johnson script book to make their home businesses more successful while others attend her live training sessions.

Realizing that we are designed to succeed is the fifth law of success. To be the best, we need persistence, enthusiasm, strong faith and belief in our endeavors, and a risk-taking nature. We also need to learn from the experts and this teachability is the sixth law on Dani’s list. We should be hungry and pursue success by learning from those already experiencing it.

Forgiveness is law number seven and the most powerful rule after reaping and sowing. Forgiveness must become part of daily life if we want to continuously grow and move forward. Promotion is also important because how we deal with our circumstances, not the circumstances themselves, determine our success in life. This requires focus, law number nine, because the things we focus on are those in which we excel.

Successful professional and personal relationships require honoring people, the tenth law of success. When we honor others, they honor us in return. Our decisions form the foundation of our lives, which is why they are included on this list. Once we make a decision, things start to click and if our hearts are in these decisions, we will succeed.

Action follows a committed decision and leads to success. Doors start to open and people begin helping us achieve our goals, making action the last, but certainly not least important, law of success. To enjoy more success than you ever imagined, learn these laws, memorize them, and incorporate them into your lifestyle.

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