Thursday, September 13, 2012

Learn How To Eliminate Fear When Discussing Difficult Issues

Many people avoid confrontation like the plague, taking drastic measures like removing themselves from the conversation. They would rather avoid than create an uncomfortable atmosphere. What is their motivation? Fear! Unfortunately, avoiding situations due to fear can have disastrous results. If the time has come to discuss something difficult with a leader, co-worker, client, or family member, listen to what millionaire entrepreneur Dani Johnson has to say.

Dani reveals that fear usually stems from lack of skill. On a video posted on her website, she shares her insight on how to overcome fear and replace it with skill. The video begins by explaining that we all deal with fear so we are in this boat together. Though it may take different forms, fear can be overcome if we are willing to follow directions.

Fear of confrontation is a big issue for many people and Dani tackles this topic head on. Whether confronting a business associate, client, boss, or child, we are all familiar with the hesitation that arises. We get nervous and play out the meeting in our minds, often resulting in a negative conclusion. Dani reveals that fear of confrontation typically comes from a lack of communication skills or being on the receiving end of a past confrontation gone wrong due to verbal attack or even abuse.

Dani was verbally abused as a child and was in several adult relationships characterized by verbal attacks. She mentions how many people are afraid to confront someone else because they believe that the person they talk to will attack them like others did in the past. Dani explains that we need not be afraid of confrontation. However, we must learn communication skills that will enable us to effectively handle the situation. This millionaire reveals that there is an “artful” way to communicate with people and confront an issue that results in restoration, not attack, defensiveness, retaliation, or abuse.

In her Creating a Dynasty seminar, Dani teaches others how to successfully confront an issue with another individual. Attendees receive a Dani Johnson script book that helps them prepare for the situation. The point of confrontation is not to get a confession or tell others that they are wrong because this will naturally get a defensive response.

The secret, Dani says, is figuring out whether the ego or the bank account weighs more. Ego wants to be right, which means other people are naturally wrong. Those people will be anger, bitter, resentful, and prefer not to be around you. This is not the way to get others to work or live in harmony with you. A better approach is to learn the skills required to get restoration from the conversation.

Confrontation should never end with trying to get a confession. The goal should be harmony and peace and the communication skills required remove fear of confrontation. By mastering these skills, we can confront others without them realizing it. They will feel safe and fall in line with the proposed changes, working toward a mutual goal.

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