Monday, October 1, 2012

Dani Johnson Tackles The Difficult Topic Of Addiction

Addiction is a topic that many people avoid discussing due to the associated stigma. However, many of us find ourselves affected by addiction whether we suffer from it or one of our loved ones does. On her radio show last night, Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson  discussed this touchy subject, let former addicts tell their stories, and asked professionals to provide advice.

Dani is no stranger to addiction, being exposed to it from childhood. She grew up on welfare with abusive parents who did every type of drug. Due to the drug issue, violence was a way of life in her household. Her father used to roll joints every morning and to this day, her mother grows marijuana. Over the years, their drug of choice moved from marijuana to cocaine and then pills, changing the home dynamics.

This environment was a scary place for a child. Dani says she never knew how her parents would react to questions. Their responses would be based on the type of drugs her parents did that day. Drugs were the top priority, leaving Dani and her siblings with little food to eat. This caused the now-millionaire to grow up hating drugs. One of her sisters grew up in a group home as a result of selling drugs and her other sister was also in and out of group homes, married very young, and eventually picked up the drug habits of her parents.

One of the sisters died at the age of 21 as the result of a head-on collision that occurred while she was doing a drug run for her parents. Despite being able to avoid drugs during her youth, Dani ended up doing drugs at the age of 21 while she was homeless and engaged in promiscuous activity. She smoked marijuana every day and even ended up doing cocaine, the drug that had led to so much violence during her childhood.

Many other people are all too familiar with the harm that addiction can cause. Dani believes that addiction comes in many forms and plagues our nation. People deal with addictions to alcohol, pornography, work, and even things. According to Dani, if we can learn from addiction, we can stay away from it. Her guests on the segment shared stories of how they walked the road of addiction and learned to get away.

The stories will shock you because they involve personal destruction, death, and a complete turnaround. Faith is a theme in many of these sagas and its power is undeniable. Hearing the tales of how people tried unsuccessfully to fill a void in their lives is heart wrenching. Listening to how they eventually came upon faith as the answer is inspiring.

It is never too late to address an addiction of any type. You decide what you turn the power in your life over to, so make it something positive, not destructive. Listen to the audio recording of this radio broadcast on Dani’s website and learn how to overcome your addiction to narcotics, work, money, and material things.

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