Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Glimpse Of Lives Being Changed

Many people claim to be subject-matter experts and some of them really do seem to know their stuff. We hear stories of people who have built entrepreneurial empires from scratch. We read their books and purchase their training programs to learn their secrets and attempt to mirror their success. However, there is always that nagging doubt in the back of our minds. Are they just peddling fluff in order to make a buck? Will what they preach really help us transform our lives?

One successful entrepreneur that we are hearing more about lately is Dani Johnson. She is a self-professed rags to riches story and her success just seems to grow. But, will a Dani Johnson script book, training program, or event really work for us? Many people who have used these tools will tell you yes. One of them just happens to work for Dani now and she is sharing her story on the Dani Johnson website.

Mary Howard began working with Dani as a client and attended the October 2010 First Steps to Success event. She admits to being skeptical especially because she was not a business person. What could she possibly get out of a business seminar? How about a completely different (and much better) life? Mary says that in two years, she went from lacking direction and drowning in debt to working a dream job, repaying $18,000, and making more money than ever before.

Working with Dani has changed Mary’s life and she has continued the relationship over the years. Mary recently attended the Creating A Dynasty event in St. Louis and says it was her most intense experience to-date. She attended this event as a client, not as an employee of Dani’s. In her own words, she went “all in.” The result was a powerful experience that revealed areas for improvement and skills to be mastered.

You know those “light bulb moments” we hear about, when a look of understanding crosses a person’s face? Mary witnessed those first-hand at Creating A Dynasty. She watched people “get it” while going through the program exercises. Mary says it was amazing to hear this level of understanding and learn about plans that others were making to implement new skills. But, even this paled in comparison to what happened next.

On Saturday afternoon of this event, Mary watched a team of businesspeople raise nearly $115,000 for construction of an orphanage in Belize. How did they achieve this feat? By selling cheesecake! Yes, they auctioned and raffled off pieces of cheesecake made by Dani. Mary was overwhelmed by the experience of people working together for a cause much bigger than themselves.

Mary is proud to interact with people like this on a daily basis. She is amazed at what individual efforts can do when combined in striving for a common goal. She is blessed to be working for such an amazing mentor and she is humbled by the stories of debt, personal struggle, and other hardships that she hears from other Dani Johnson clients. With the right guidance, lives truly can be changed. 

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