Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fishing for New Business, the Dani Johnson Way

Anyone who has ever been fishing knows that the right bait can make all of the difference. If what is hooked to the end of the line is not appealing to the fish, there will be no catches. Good anglers spend time and effort researching which bait the local fish will enjoy. Whether fish in other locations or the anglers themselves find this bait appealing is irrelevant. Our friend Dani Johnson equates this to the process of attracting new business…it’s all in the bait, my friends!

Dani points out that we cannot lead others to take action unless we provide something they want. She recently relayed a situation from her First Steps to Success workshop in London. A participant asked how she could convince her boss to establish a charitable arm within her company. The woman had a desire to help others in need but the boss was unmoved by sick people or orphans. Dani advised the woman to lead by what the boss wanted.

If the woman wants the charitable arm to become reality, she must speak to the profit-making, success-seeking motivation of the boss, not her own altruistic desires. She must show how adding a charitable arm to the business will help the company grow through satisfied, productive workers who provide free advertising. The boss will be much more inclined to respond to this “bait” than to a plea to think about those in need.

The same approach can be used when trying to create six figure income through your own business. Do some investigating to identify what prospective partners like or need and use these motivations as bait. If they are looking for something that helps people stay fit but you only emphasize the financial aspects of partnership, the endeavor will fall flat. When dealing directly with consumers, do the same homework and offer these folks exactly what they are looking for rather than something they do not care about or already have.

People want what they want and there is not much that anyone else can do to change that. Rather than trying to influence them to want what you do, provide motivation that speaks to their needs. This eliminates the selling aspect of the transaction, turning it into a two-way exchange between equal parties. Each person feels respected and appreciated and receives what he or she desires.

Try this technique when striving to achieve personal goals because it is just as effective in this arena. It has helped people expand their community influence, take their religious organizations to the next level, and improve their personal relationships. In fact, there is not much that we cannot do if we have the right bait on our hooks.

With this advice, Dani continues to illustrate why so many people turn to her for guidance in various aspects of their lives. She has already helped thousands of people free themselves from debt, become entrepreneurs, and improve their personal lives. Stay tuned for more words of wisdom from this self-made millionaire because we know they are coming!

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