Friday, May 3, 2013

Dani Johnson Talks Commitment

Self-made millionaire, lifestyle coach, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Dani Johnson may seem like the poster child for commitment. However, there was a time when these goals seemed unachievable to her. She lost her way several times, letting lack of self-esteem and misplaced priorities overshadow her commitment to make something of herself. Fortunately, her determination remained beneath the surface and she brought it forth to become the powerhouse she is today.

Dani recently posted an article about commitment on her website. She began by stating that all types of success require commitment. Whether we want to get out of debt, improve our earnings, enhance our personal lives, or give back to those in need we must be committed. No commitment, no success…it’s that simple. Lack of commitment is something we cannot hide because it shows in everything we say and do.

Many people enter a new venture with a high level of commitment. As soon as they hit a roadblock, they quit. Others have a desire to do something impressive but they never take action. Saying you want to do something is one thing but taking action and sticking with it to the end requires commitment. Most people can think of at least one area where their lack of commitment caused them to fall short of achieving their goals.

Dani provides a quick test to determine commitment. She tells us to ask ourselves whether we complain. The act of complaining reveals that we are not fully committed. If we are not “all in,” as Dani puts it, others take notice. People who are not fully committed to achieving career success jeopardize their income potential because customers and prospects may not want to do business with them. The last thing a customer wants is to be left in the cold when times get tough.

People who are not committed to their marriages typically complain about their spouses. This is the first step in the wrong direction. Parents who are not committed about being the best they can be typically complain. Marriage and parenting require commitment and success should be the only option. Challenging times will arise but spouses and parents must find ways to deal with these and emerge successful.

Lack of commitment indicates lack of ownership and lack of ownership never results in success. Complainers continue to complain until they convince themselves to quit. To break out of this cycle, Dani tells us to stop complaining and start looking for solutions, which are everywhere. These may cost time and money but this investment is what makes a solution so valuable. When we make an investment to learn new skills necessary to implement solutions that will bring success, we become committed.

By eliminating all the complaining and focusing on solutions we will realize success in all aspects of our lives. With our eyes on the prize, there is no time to see the negative. When we commit to something, we transform ourselves from amateurs to professionals and attract others in the process. Are YOU ready to go all in?

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