Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Traffic Jams Are Not Just On The Road

Visit a big city and you will encounter traffic jams everywhere. Whether you are walking, driving, or riding in a bus, it can be difficult to get from one point to another. On top of the noise from the automobiles, there are emergency sirens, people talking, and the sounds of industry. The noise level can be overwhelming and it comes from every side. Along with this noise come stress, pressure, and anxiety. It is enough to drive anyone insane.

Many of us experience the same level of noise in our daily lives. It may occur on the job, at home, or in our minds. Different things competing for our attention cause stress and worry and force us to make difficult choices. It can be difficult to move our lives forward amidst all of this noise because so many things are calling for our energy and precious time. Even advertisements urge us to act now before it is too late. We must convert to autopilot just to get through the day.

Confusion and chaos caused by all of this noise prevent us from making conscious decisions. Instead, we react subconsciously. We relinquish control of our thoughts and behaviors to this noise. In exchange, we get no stillness and find ourselves going nowhere. It is time to do something about this. Is it not your life? Then, why are you not reclaiming control of it?

We only receive one chance on this planet so we should make the most of it. Many people look at their lives and wonder where things went wrong. They may be far from where they intended to be at their ages. If life is not everything you imagined then take control of the steering wheel and navigate in the desired direction. This begins with removing the noise that clouds judgment and decision-making ability. With the right approach, you can quiet your mind, experience peace, and achieve success.

Multiple things compete for our attention every minute of the day. Many of these things are important but it is even more important to focus. Concentrate on what is most important in that moment and base decisions on that. Ignore the mental and physical traffic and quiet the mind, making it easier to make good decisions.

With a mind that is cleared and still, focus follows. We know where we are headed so it becomes difficult for the noise and traffic to lead us in the wrong direction. Focusing on our goals leads us to success, which is what life is all about. This sounds very simple and it is when the technique is perfected. It is getting to that point that presents challenges for so many people.

When internal and external noise seem deafening, stop. Take a moment and a breath, quiet the mind, and focus. Determine what is most important at that time and concentrate on it. This sets the stage for clear decision-making that leads to success. We all deserve to achieve our potential and this is an easy way to do it.

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