Saturday, October 26, 2013

Leaders Are Everywhere…Are You One?

Whether you believe that people are born leaders or develop the essential skills over time, there is no denying that leaders are everywhere. Sometimes, they are found in the most unlikely places, in people who would not be considered influential individuals. As one example, many children lead their communities in the war against crime, poverty, and substandard education. Any of us can become a leader.

People do not need to have formal leadership titles to be leaders. However, all people of influence should have leadership skills. Unfortunately, we have witnessed many situations where this is not true. How an individual chooses to lead in his or her current position is the determining factor. Someone who exhibits leadership skills is considered a great employee/student/etc. True leaders have a mindset of ownership even if they are not business owners. They view the family, team, class, or organization that they are part of as theirs.

This mindset requires advocating for the unit. Each person on the team performs a different role but the group has common goals. Leaders set the tone by becoming their own leads rather than following the lead of others. They change the mindset of their organizations by creating teams that work hard and advocate learning and ethical behavior. No one can control the actions of others but everyone can control his or her own actions. By exemplifying the desired behaviors, leaders influence others to follow.

Anyone who is employed should be thankful to have a job because there are millions of people who do not. Being ungrateful squanders an opportunity to use the current position as a stepping stone to greater things. Advocating for the team and the organization pays off over the short and long-terms. Team success becomes the main goal but it filters through to the individuals involved.

How do you develop the ownership mindset so important for a leader? Incorporate the advice of others who have been there and done that. Attend seminars, get a mentor, or read a Dani Johnson script book. Dani is one person who knows how to influence others and she shares her secrets in her Conditioning for Success and Magnetic Influence training programs. Her techniques are proven to work…they helped her generate millions of dollars and are doing the same for thousands of other people.

Conditioning for Success helps us to rid ourselves of limiting beliefs and the memories of past failures. It teaches us to face challenges head-on and shows us how to take risks without fear. Confident that we will succeed, we create the life we envision. Others notice this and want to learn more. We can serve as role models for them, guiding them down the same path.  

Magnetic Influence teaches us how to develop the interpersonal skills necessary to become leaders. Whether you have hit a career plateau or have achieved professional goals but personal ones are suffering, this program has something to offer. By strengthening relationships, you can motivate teammates, contributing to group and individual success. This is the stuff leadership is made of!

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