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Can the Dani Johnson Script Book Help You?

How Dani Johnson’s “Prospecting and Closing Script Book” Can Build a Successful Home Business

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Opening a business and being one’s own boss can be both an exciting and terrifying experience. Two of the biggest challenges new business owners face are building a customer base and getting their name and services out into the market. Dani Johnson has developed a program to address exactly these challenges. In the “Prospecting and Closing Script Book,” Miss Johnson instructs business owners on how to attract prospective clients and successfully close business deals.

Learning How to Take Control of Conversations with the Script Book

Conversing with prospective and current clients is something that home business owners do on a regular basis. Knowing what to say and how to say it is an important skill for successfully recruiting and retaining both old and new clients. Dani Johnson’s book teaches these skills and gives examples of conversations for any situation as well as the secrets to leaving voicemail messages that get returned quickly. Uncomfortable handling tough questions or objections? Miss Johnson has that covered as well; the Script Book teaches business owners how to answer questions confidently and handle any objection with ease.

Making Clients “Fall in Love” Using the Script Book

Creating a buzz around a product or service and building customer loyalty are the keys to successful business. But how are these keys created? Dani Johnson’s “Prospecting and Closing Script Book” can help owners create interest in their business while also having clients “fall in love” with and thank them for their products or services. It is this customer loyalty and excitement that helps home businesses get off the ground and show continued success for years to come. Miss Johnson can help business owners unlock the secrets to this kind of success through the variety of scripts and tips outlined in her book.

More than Just a Script Book – How to Develop Attitude, Tonality, and Body Language

When building a client base and getting a home business off the ground, how something is said is just as important as what is said. Dani Johnson’s Script Book can help owners not only say the right things to improve business but also develop other invaluable skills. The right tone of voice and body language shows clients that business owners have confidence and control, which helps them take what is being said seriously and building trust. Miss Johnson knows that this trust is key because when clients have trust in a business and its owner, the possibilities are endless.

Dani Johnson does not just teach business owners tricks of the trade, she has used them herself and seen firsthand the great success they can bring. Miss Johnson went from a broke cocktail waitress to earning her first million dollars within two years by using these skills and adopting these business values. The “Prospecting and Closing Script Book” can teach any business owner how to utilize powerful scripts and proper body language to build a successful home business!

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