Friday, February 7, 2014

Prioritizing for Success

How to Become an Effective Multitasker

When it comes to being successful in both a work life and a home life, it is important to master the most basic skills. One of these important skills is multitasking, which in itself encompasses many other skills such as listening and prioritizing. Being an effective multitasker can lead to great success in both a professional and personal life. Here are some key strategies to mastering the skill of multitasking.

Become a Tentative Listener

One of the skills that make up multitasking is being a good listener. Aside from simply hearing what a coworker or loved one is saying, it is important to also understand what they are expressing or asking for. Many people may believe that they are good listeners, but when they miss the mark on an assignment or request, it can make other individuals feel like they are not being heard. Listening is important to everything we do and every relationship we have in both our personal and professional lives.

Prioritize Appropriately

In today’s busy world, it is important to be able to balance many different aspects of life – work, family, relationships, responsibilities and finances can all be hard to juggle. Another important skill that is tied to multitasking is being able to prioritize. This starts by figuring out what is most important and making it a point to get those things accomplished. This may seem like a tall order, but being able to apply the appropriate time and effort to important projects or family events can make a huge difference in life.

Start Multitasking Thoughts

Multitasking the mind brings together both listening and prioritizing. When interacting with coworkers or family, it is important to tentatively listen to what they are saying and making their needs a priority in the mind. This will help to genuinely hear what they need and make them feel appreciated. When working alone on assignments, it is important to not let the mind get distracted with other needs– although they are important also being able to prioritize thoughts will help keep actions on track.

In general, people believe that multitasking is having the skills and time to juggle many aspects of both work and home at once but, it is much more than that. Being an effective multitasker means the ability to truly listen to what is being asked of them and prioritize different aspects of their life appropriately. Multitasking can be the key to a happy work-life balance for many busy professionals.

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