Thursday, March 27, 2014

Saving Money on Your Family Vacation

Being Thrifty is Important for Both Work and Home

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The topic of saving money on vacation is something many may not expect to read on a work from home blog. But it is important to remember that everyone needs a break and vacationing with family is a great way to recharge. Another important note is that working from home can put business professionals on a tight budget. Going on a nice family vacation does not have to carry the heavy price tag and there are a number of ways to keep cash in your pocket and still enjoy your getaway.

When Staying Out of Town, Rent Directly from a Property Owner

When the family vacation takes you out of town, finding affordable lodging can be tough. Something that can help minimize the costs is looking for homes, condominiums, and villas that are being rented out by the owners. The going rate for these types if properties can be as much as 50 percent less than staying at a hotel or fancy resort. Many owners who rent their property in this way want to have someone staying there at all times and may even offer sale or discount pricing if a block of time is left unclaimed during the busy season.

Take Advantage of Destination Specific Coupon Books

Another thrifty way to keep the cost of family vacations low is by using coupon books that are specific for the area where you will be staying. These kinds of books offer discounts on lodging, meals, different forms of transportation, entertainment, and other vacation expenses. When you arrive at your vacation destination, check the hotel lobby or local visitor’s center to see what types of discounts are available and also scope out attractions and entertainment. In many cases, when renting a home, the local realtor where you pick up the key will have some type of packet available for exactly this purpose. If there is something the area is known for or a popular local attraction, chances are there will be discounts and coupon available for use.

Keeping Meal Costs Minimal While on Vacation

Feeding a family on vacation can be the biggest expense in a travel budget. Although people are inclined to eat out while on vacation, it can be more practical to bring food along for smaller meals and snacking. If staying in a hotel, request a small refrigerator for the room – few hotels will have this as a standard amenity but many will provide one upon request and will help cut down on food costs if you are able to bring your own drinks, snacks and even breakfast foods. Another route to help save money for meals is by seeking out lodging that offer all-inclusive packages or stay and eat free deals for children.

Being money savvy at home can very easily translate into being money savvy in business. Just like finding great deals is good for a company’s budget looking for cheaper alternatives when vacations is good for a family budget. Renting directly from a property owner, using coupons and being creative with family mealtime are all great ways to let you and your loved ones have a great vacation without draining your bank account.

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