Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How Are You Treating Your Clients?

Creating Personal Client Relationships to Boost Business

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Every small business owner understands that the individuals who purchase their products or utilize their services are the only reason they are in business to begin with. Because of this, it is vitally important to show these individuals how invaluable they truly are and create personal, lasting client relationships – that’s right, clients not customers. As Dani Johnson writes in her blog, “customer” refers simply to a nameless consumer who hands you their money. Clients, on the other hand, represent a more personal one-on-one experience and treating them in this manner can make a huge difference in your business.

Showing Appreciation for Your Clients Can Boost Business

In small business, there is a lot of competition and one thing that sets some businesses above others is how they treat clients and show appreciation for their business. The first step in showing this is by treating the individuals you do business with as true clients and not customers. Take the time to talk to your clients about more than just business – ask them about what they do for a living, what they are passionate about, about their families. Showing this kind of genuine interest in a client will show them how much you care about them as a person rather than just their business.

Truly and Personally Thank Clients

Genuinely thanking clients for making your business possible is a great way to cultivate and grow personal relationships. Although this could be as simple as sending them an email or leaving a voice message, there are some other ways to really show your clients how much they mean to you. One of the oldest and sometimes most forgotten forms of appreciation are traditional thank you cards. When a client receives a thank you card in the mail that is hand written by a business owner, it makes them feel special and important to you and your business and has them coming back over and over again.

Johnson writes that business owners should include a personalized message to take this gesture one step further instead of just writing the general “thank you for your business” or having the cards pre-printed with messages and signatures. Why not include a personalized note that includes what specifically you appreciate or like about the client or wishing them well for an upcoming life event they have mentioned, such as a wedding or child’s graduation. Sending this kind of appreciation not only makes clients feel good but will also make you feel good.

Clients are the reason small business owners are in business – without them there would not be anyone to sell products to or provide services for. This is why it is vital to treat these individuals as the important clients that they are and show your appreciation whenever possible. Clients have a choice when it comes to doing business – whether you are selling pet supplies, shoes, doing landscaping or providing accounting services, there is another business out there where your clients can choose to spend their money. By making clients feel important, they will choose your business time and time again. 

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