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Turn Your Home Office “Green”

Going Green in Your Small Business

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“Going Green” is a hot topic in today’s business market. Being environmentally friendly and relaying on renewable resources is all the rage, and more and more businesses are moving their operations in this direction. Consumers notice when businesses promote themselves in this manner so more resources and efforts have gone into implementing green business service, products and practices. Although some steps to going green can be expensive – solar panels on the roof are not cheap – there are some things that even small business can do to help them “go green.”

Save the Trees – Use Less Paper

Companies who produce paper consume a huge amount of energy to deliver this office supply staple. Harvesting and shipping trees, processing wood into paper and then packaging and delivering to stores and offices is a lot of work and uses a lot of resources. Although day to day office use does not have a huge effect on the environment, obtaining office paper definitely does. To help save a few trees, stop and think before printing out paper documents – only printing out what is necessary can definitely cut down on the business’s paper consumption and recycling unused paper can help reduce waste as well.

Save the Ozone Layer – Use Cyber Conferencing

Many business professionals are constantly on the go. Whether they are driving, flying or taking the train, almost any mode of transportation will use some kind of gas or fuel and the exhaust produced by these types of vehicles can be harmful to the Earth’s ozone layer. Although it is nearly impossible to cut out all travel from your business to help save the ozone layer, you can help to reduce it by using cyber conferencing to hold meetings. Cyber conferencing allows team members to meet virtually over the internet instead of having to travel to the office or to an offsite location to sit down and talk.

Create Less Waste – Stop Using Disposables

An average office worker uses over 400 disposable cups in just one year! And that is just one worker! Imagine the amount of trash and waste piling up in landfills just from office buildings alone. A great way to help reduce the amount of waste your business produces in by investing in reusable kitchen items such as cups, plates and silverware. Although it may have a higher cost upfront to stock the office’s kitchen with the items, it will help to saving the business money in the long run by not having to purchase plastic ware over and over and over again.

Going green has a huge impact on the environment but what small business owners may not realize is that it also a positive impact on the efficiency within the business and on the business’s budget. Printing fewer documents means buying less paper, stocking reusable kitchen items means purchasing less disposables and using cyber conferencing means less money wasted on travel. An added bonus of implementing these tips is that being environmentally friendly speaks volumes to consumers – they want to know that businesses are being responsible and will reward them for their efforts.

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