Thursday, July 31, 2014

Make Your Small Business More Manageable

How to Use Technology to Streamline Your Business

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With so much going on in today’s business world, it is becoming more and more important for owners and employees to start working smarter instead of working harder. While some business processes have been in place for decades and there is really no way around doing things right, there have been some advancements in technology that can make day to day business operations and tasks faster and more efficient. These new technologies help to increase the productivity of a company and its employees which in turn helps to give the business’s profit margins a huge boost.

Monitor Business Connections and Networks Wirelessly

Most, if not all, small businesses utilize the internet in some way, shape, or form to complete day to day transactions and tasks. Because of this, making sure the business has a strong, reliable Internet connection is key – time that is wasted messing around or repairing a wireless connection is money right down the drain. Media routers can be a great solution to this problem by helping to minimize traffic on a wireless connection and granting the capability to turn most power sources into possible connections. Additionally, some of these devices also offer cloud services to help a business owner or IT personnel monitor what websites are being viewed and any possible attacks to the network.

Manage Your Technology Footprint

While technology definitely makes business easier, having to carry around multiple devices to get the job done can be a hassle. While laptops and computers are often essential for day to day business operations, tablets and smartphones have also become an important tool to use while doing business on the go. Instead of having so many devices, consider equipping the business with one device that acts in multiple capacities – many computer manufacturers have introduced a tablet and computer combo device that offers the business savvy of a laptop with the mobility of a tablet or smartphone. This will help to simplify employees business lives and also has a much smaller technology footprint.

Get All Your Phone Calls in One Place

It is not unusual for business professionals to have multiple phones on which they can be contacted  – desk phones, business cell phones, and personal cell phones all ringing at once can be a lot to juggle, not to mention a huge hassle. But, the newest phone and Bluetooth technology can make jumping between phones a thing of the past. Desktop speaker phone devices have been created to help connect all of your phones together in one place. These devices use Bluetooth to connect cell phones, a wall socket hook-up for desk phones and even a USB port to link the device into a computer. These devices can even be equipped with a clip on microphone or headset so you will never miss a call.

Today’s business world is moving at a pace that can sometimes be hard to keep up with. But as the pace quickens, so do the advances in technology that make every day working life that much easier. By updating your business’s technology and streamlining how your employees operate day to day, you can have a huge impact on their productivity, your profits, and more importantly, their happiness on the job. So link up those multiple phone lines, ditch the old laptop and tablet routine and upgrade your business and your business’s success today!

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