Sunday, August 31, 2014

Vacation Tips from Dani Johnson

Saving Money on Groceries to Help Fund Your Next Vacation

With the coming of Labor Day the summer has officially come to a close. Whether you were able to afford a great vacation this year or not, this is usually the time when people being thinking about and pre-planning next summer’s vacation! It is no secret that money is tight for many people these days, so starting to save early is usually the key for them to be able to afford some time off. Dani Johnson understands that vacations are expensive and has some tips about how you can save for your next trip!

What’s in Your Grocery Cart can Lead to Financial Stability

When it comes to saving money, Ms. Johnson suggests that the first place to start is with your grocery cart and your food budget. When we go food shopping for ourselves and for our families, the general thought is making sure we get the items we need for a certain amount of time and, if there is money to spare, get the items we want. But Ms. Johnson believes that a change in approach at the grocery store can help lead to a financial life that has room for great vacations, no debt, and a worry-free retirement.

The key to having an effective shopping list and food budget is all about planning! Before hitting the store each week, sit down and plan meals for all seven days. It is important to consider portion sizes realistically, how much your family should be eating as opposed to how much they want to eat – on average, Americans eat almost double the suggested portion sizes! Also, make to work leftovers into this meal plan as well remember that any leftover food that is thrown away is simply money in the trash.

Make sure to check the pantry and fridge while meal planning every week. It does not make monetary sense to buy items for seven meals every week when you have an entire kitchen full of food to work with! Consider the food items that have already been paid for and work them into the weekly meals. Be creative! If there are leftover vegetables, chicken, and a small amount of rice in the home, mix them together and make a delicious stir-fry. You will be amazed what can be made with leftover food items.

Put Money Aside for Your Vacation

By following Ms. Johnson’s grocery shopping and meal planning tips, it is possible for a family to get by on a grocery budget of $100 a week or less. When compared to the $200 or more dollar grocery bill some families have, this is a huge savings! With your food budget under control, it is time to take all the money that has been saved and put it aside for your vacation. This should be a special fund or account that money goes into but does not come out of and should not go to waste in other frivolous areas.

Carefully monitoring how much we spend on groceries, properly planning weekly meals, and setting money aside often in a special account is the perfect recipe for funding your dream vacation. The beauty of this system, according to Ms. Johnson, is that you can start saving for your trip today! By taking a close look at spending habits and identifying where money is being spent unnecessarily, it is possible for someone to gain financial independence just by changing how they approach everyday tasks.

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