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Can Podcasts Help You Develop Your Small Business?

How Small Business Owners can use Podcasts

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Podcasts are one of the newest technologies and social media crazes to hit the Internet. Everyone from celebrities to important public figures and even athletes have their own or regularly participate in podcasts. Like many other social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it is possible to use podcasts to help advertise and brand a small business. When podcasts are employed properly with the right amount of planning and focus, businesses can often see a boost in brand recognition and sales. Here are some specific ways podcasts can benefit your small business.

Podcasts can Grow Your Brand and Make You a Thought Leader

One of the most compelling reasons to use podcasts for your business is to help expand your brand and gain more recognition. A podcast is a unique opportunity to present the business to a large group of people in a very simple, yet interesting way. Not only will this provide further exposure, it can also help position you, as a business owner, and your business as a “leader” in a given industry or trade. Many consumers will associate the idea of you hosting a podcast to your business being an expert in that given area. Not to mention, it will help to set the business apart from the competition.

Podcasts can Grow Your Business and Boost Sales

Podcasts offer brand acknowledgment and the recognition of being a leader in the industry. Who would not want to buy from or do business with a company who employees experts in the industry? This is a simple way that podcasts can help grow a company’s sales. Think about a salon owner who sells high end, effective beauty products – if this business owner were to host a podcast about beauty tips or great products it would be easy to tell consumers why these products work and where they can purchase them. When consumers hear this information from an industry expert, they are more likely to buy.

Podcasts can Help Promote Business Partners and Create New Contacts

Chances are there will be people listening to your podcast who have never heard of you or your business before. This opens up a great opportunity to gain new customers and new business contacts as well as other industry professionals and leaders who may want to take part in your podcast. Additionally, podcasts give you a new, creative way not only to promote yourself, but also your business partners. Cross advertising with business partners is a great way to not only save on marketing costs but also help to promote and support one another, making the partnership apparent and strong.

Podcasts are new, exciting, and are a perfect way to brand and promote your business in a unique way. While a podcast should be a far cry from a sales pitch, it is often a catalyst to boosting business sales and creating new buzz around the company’s brand as well as a great way to meet new contacts and promote partner businesses. While keeping all of these point in mind is important, the most important thing to remember that like all new things, hosting a podcast will take some practice – do not be afraid to be yourself and host a few shows to determine what approach works best for you.

Podcasts are just one way for you to get ahead with a small business. If you would like more ideas or are actually looking for legitimate home business opportunities, you should call Stacy O'Quinn! He has helped dozens of entrepreneurs in the past and would love to help you too! For more information, please click here.

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