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How to Be a Successful Email Marketer

Tips for Making the Most of Your Small Business Email Marketing

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With the addition of email on our computers as well as our smartphones and tablets, email marketing has taken the place of many other forms of communication between even the smallest business and its customers. But, we all know how annoying it can be to get message after message from different companies. When customers are deciding whether to open or delete, small businesses need to compete with even the biggest corporations. Here are some tips to help make you an email marketing master.

Get Personal

Customers like nothing better than being addressed by name, whether it is in person or through and email message. Emails that begin with the recipient’s name have been shown to be much more effective than generic emails that have the same content. By addressing customers by their first name it helps to build a long lasting relationship with them. The good news is, many email-marketing services include the ability to add the recipient’s name simply by selecting that option when drafting the message.

Don’t Fill Up Their Inbox

Although all small business owners want exposure for their company, it does not help to constantly email customers and annoy them with your communications. Consistency is key when it comes to emailing customers – it is important to send a message to your entire email list at least once a month, but not much more than that. Some acceptable additional messages outside the once a month update may include special promotions, company events, or other “breaking news” stories.

Content is Key

While email marketing is meant to promote your business, it is important to not bore consumers to death by only talking about yourself. Customers love it when businesses provide them with information they care about, outside of their own offerings. Think about including interesting articles that pertain to the customer’s interests or provide insider tips and tricks for using your products. Including a variety of information will keep your emails fresh and something consumers will look forward to reading.  This is also a great way to traffic to your blog (assuming you are publishing niche related articles).

Do Not Spam!

This is probably the most important tip for becoming a great email marketer – never spam your customers. It is vital to never send emails to consumers who have not personally agreed to receive them. While staying in communication with customers helps to build a great relationship, overstepping boundaries and sending messages to those who do not want them can ruin an otherwise strong relationship. The last thing an email marketing campaign should do is foster negative impressions.

If you are selling or providing information on other websites other than your own to generate emails for your business, make sure you announce your intentions. For instance, you are selling on eBay and add your customers from that outlet to your email list. Add a disclaimer to each listing that states by making this purchase, you agree to be added to our email list. Also let them know they can unsubscribe at any time and will receive no further emails if they so desire.

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