Thursday, February 14, 2008

How to Increase your Income with Coastal Vacations

Are you a Director in Coastal Vacations looking to increase your income and results? Are you just looking for a way to work from home in the travel industry and maybe you are considering Coastal Vacations? In the next few moments I will guide you through what has been taking place in DFI "Decide Freedom International" that has allowed them to grow 400% in the last 6 months. To stay up to date on what they are doing visit It is no accident they are the fasting growing team ever in Coastal Vacations and have quickly become the most successful.

As the support and marketing arm of Coastal Vacations there are some things that are creating success in DFI. You can model them in your own Coastal Vacations business and increase your time freedom and income. You do not have to be part of DFI to learn what they are doing right.

First and foremost you need to have a very simple streamlined system. It needs to be an absolute guarantee that if your newest associates and team members follow your system everyone can create the same level of results. At least up to a six figure income. Give you an example Jackie O'Quinn, Renae Heikkila and Stacy O'Quinn the three main leaders in DFI build their business every single day the exact way that is taught within the DFI training system. There is no special secret or strategy to what they are doing.

Second, what you do must be easy to duplicate. What I mean by that is this, what ever method you use to build your business it has to be possible for new associates to do the exact same thing and create similar success. Internet marketing does not work, not everyone has the skill or the ability. Not everyone can be in the top ten on Google for a given phrase for instance. If you have that ability don't ignore it but also be realistic and do not assume your way of "growing" your business through teaching your new associates something that has taken you years to learn. Regardless of background or experience, stay at home mom or corporate executive your method has to be able to work for EVERONE.

Finally do not diversify!!! The biggest mistake a successful director can do is get to the point where they have a team and are in "management mode". What usually results is the false idea that everyone has a different blueprint and will learn their business in different way. So a well intentioned leader would go out and find different trainers and teach different methods of building your business and, what results is total confusion. It is no longer simple for your newest people now. Each new trainer or leader that is training has a little different slant.

The single biggest asset to DFI is Jackie O'Quinn, Renae Heikkila and Stacy O'Quinn built their business on a single path and now it is proven path for Coastal Vacations and it works. They refer all of their training back to a system and a source which has created a proven track record. That source is Dani Johnson's training. As Dani says, "If you don't care who gets the credit you will be unusually successful." So instead of Jackie having one "slant" or Renae another they always explain in the training how they do something and they refer back to the source where they got it from. The source never changes; they don't have to take the credit!

So remember to increase your income in your Coastal Vacations business just follow the same thing that DFI has proven. Keep it so simple, make sure anyone can duplicate your success through a system and do not have different ways or different flavors it creates confusion. One single path, if it works and it's simple don't change it! A confused associate will never become successful!

Have an AWESOME Valentine's Day
Stacy O'Quinn

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