Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DFI, Coastal Vacations Success and Dani Johnson...

DFI "Decide Freedom" is a support and marketing arm of Coastal Vacations. How are they having so much success with Coastal Vacations and creating more income for directors then anyone else? What has allowed them to grow over 400% in 6 months? One aspect is the message is simple and the results are proven. Dani Johnson's training is a big part of it.

But how is that implemented? Does it really work? The bottom line is anyone can do it and succeed with Coastal Vacations as long as they have a system just like any other business.

Maybe you are not in Coastal Vacations, how would this affect you? Regardless of what industry you are in you are about to see a model that is recommended by Dani from the first second and then through that model you will about the results with DFI and Coastal Vacations. You can model this for what every business or industry you are in really!

Below is a training call that Dani Johnson coached on how to do it, it is an Overview of DFI and Coastal Vacations. Listen closely and you will see why we are having the results that we are....

If you have any interest in being part of our TEAM in DFI w/ Coastal Vacations and you believe you could plug into Dani Johnson's training.

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