Monday, February 11, 2008

Simpler things in Life, and a deal at Burger King!

Do you ever forget to be grateful?

OK, so yesterday was a lazy Sunday. Family day like usual. Bass Pro shop just opened in Baton Rouge and we decided to take a family trip after church. This was the biggest Bass Pro Shop I've ever been to if you are ever in Baton Rouge I highly recommend it.

So it's a 45 minute drive kids are in the back seat... Alexis wanting a "snack" as we leave church and Edgar wanting a " 'nack" Which is a pretty regular thing on Sundays in our home. But since we where not going home I was working on selling the kids on Burger King instead. Not listening and showing all the persistence a 3 year old and a one and a half can, finally I had to give the Daddy ain't playing stare. You know you got that when you where younger the one that things might get painful if I stay on this track!

Things got quiet and we head to Burger King. We get the usual, "if you haven't noticed I'm all about making money and SAVING money" Those two together create wealth. So our normal is a Whopper Jr. King Size value meal for Dawn. We will share the fries and drink. 3 hamburgers extra pickles for me and the kids and a small fry for the kids to share. Family of 4 eats for a grand total of 8 dollars and 38 cent. Where else is that possible?

As we are eating and driving down the road my mind goes to life and business. Mentally I'm getting frustrated because my goal was 20,000 dollars for January and I only did 15,000 in sales. Dang failed a goal! So I start telling Dawn how Feb. will be different and what I'm going to adjust in my advertising yaddy yaddy ya.

Then in one moment she sent me in a different direction! You said, "It's good to have goals and you should always hit them." "But when you focus on what you will do next are you ever thankful for what you did do." Most people in America would be thankful for a 15,000 dollar month and I'm practically complaining.

She was right a little more then 2 and a half years ago we where 116,000 dollars in debt and only making 25,000 a year. I would have been grateful for a 3,000 dollar month or just to have a little extra to pay off some debt. So far we've paid off over 70,000 dollars in debt. I'm no longer rushing out the door frustrated with traffic in the mornings. We are a stay at home family and Dawn gets to remain a stay at home mom.

All those numbers are dramatic but why do we sweat the little things and never focus on what we are doing right. Your income may or may not have increased that dramatically or you may not have paid off a lot of debt yet. Make sure you are grateful for what you do have. If you have just started working with us, if this is your first month at least you now have a guaranteed way to improve your financial situation and have time freedom!

Make it a GREAT Week!
Stacy O'Quinn

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Mr. Jackie O'Quinn said...

What freaking great post I love it! This goes right back to Dani Johnson teaching "Prosper where you are planted". If God can trust you with what you "GOT" then he knows that you can be trusted with "MORE".

Whether we are grateful or not for the blessings he has given us has a lot to do with what he will give us.

Great post,