Monday, April 7, 2008

Cutting Edge Media is supporting DFI and Coastal Travel

In DFI we are absolutely blessed with a new inspired level of Support that we have gotten from Cutting Edge Media. They do the advertising and marketing for us and on our behalf in DFI. They are very familar with the Coastal Travel Package and we are excited that they have invested the time, effort and money to develop new advertising for us in DFI. The new advertising is good for 2 really big reasons.

1. It is DFI branded so that there is continuity from our team. From myself walking out and talking on the movie lead then being on the DFI page that your clients are redirected too. There is complete continuity. And it is definitely rememorable. Also the Premium lead features several members of DFI and it is the same feel of our team when you go to the redirected page. Once again extremely rememorable.

2. With the premium lead right out of the gate before they complete any information they are told they need to purchase a package! Even encouraged to come in at the Top package! I've never seen a lead that did that before.

You can see the new advertising at

To your Ultimate Success!
Stacy O'Quinn

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