Tuesday, April 1, 2008

DFILive and Coastal Travel is a SCAM!

As I typed the title "DFILive and Coastal Travel is a SCAM" I'm smiling, what a joke! Every once in a while you run into all types of stuff as a scam on the Internet. I was watching a video of a friend and his business today on utube and someone mentioned it was a scam. Hence where the title came from. Right now I can't help but chuckle.

Seriously if this is a scam will some one please SCAM me again. Before DFILive and Coastal Travel I was 116,000 dollars in debt. Today we have paid off $73,500 in debt and are making six figures annually. The money is not everything. In DFILive with Dani Johnson and her training we learn it's not how much money you make but how much money you keep. It's not about asking life to easy it's about asking life to be worth it.

As I took my morning shower today my son who isn't two yet ran to the door of the shower. Normally he takes baths at night. Since he's never been in the shower and definitely never with Daddy. I opened the door he was already half way undressed. Once we got his clothes off he gradually eased into the show cautiously. After he got in he huddled in the back corner trying to limit the amount of water that got on him. When I was done I attempted to talk him into getting into the water but he was not interested. So I picked him up and made a game out of it. With my back to the water I swung him to the left and then to the right barely putting him under the water. As he started laughing we did it more and more until we where both under the water and he was cackling. After that we washed his hair, he's so funny. You tell him to close his eyes and he squeezes REAL HARD and makes a noise with his mouth like he's gritting his teeth. As we got out of the shower and I passed him off to mom it hit me. Without DFILive I would not be able to do this.

After the shower while Dawn cooked breakfast I sat on the couch and my daughter, Alexis. She climbed into my lap and watched Disney's Playhouse. During the commercial she'd hug me and say, "Daddy you are handsome." Totally melting my heart.

It's Tuesday morning about 9am and that is what a typical morning is like for me as a stay at home dad. All I can say is thanks DFILive and Coastal Travel!!! If DFILive and Coastal Travel are scams? PLEASE, scam me again!!!


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