Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Letter sent to my Personal Team...


As we continue to grow it gets harder and harder to get information out to everyone at once. First thing first, if you are going to First Steps in Portland then respond to this email right away and let me know. We will be strategizing and maximizing this event. We will be working together to increase the new prospects that we have there. What if you had 5 people there with you? Could you imagine?

This Saturday we will be announcing some good stuff happening J Pay attention to your email so you get all the updates. The Launch of the CEM advertising just for our group was a start. According to CEM we are the fastest growing team they’ve worked with in a long time. Kelly said yesterday, “It is a complete blast working with DFI knowing that we are working with something big. Just working with your team we can tell you guys are going to explode and grow faster than you already have.” The owner of CEM a legend in the Home Business Industry has been quoted as telling his staff, “To pay close attention to this DFI team because I have not seen a team like this for a really long time in this industry.”

We are grateful that CEM invested in us and created the advertising that they did for us… In my entire Coastal career I’ve never worked advertising like this. We are blessed between Snap response and their quality and the new leads from

Here are some recent things people had to say about the leads from CEM

“I have put more people in my pipeline this week with these leads then I have in a really long time” Vivian CA

WOW! Are these leads great. My phone is ringing off the hook with interested people. They are the best leads that I have tried in a long time. I don't have time to even Prospect anymore, all I am doing now is answering the phone, F-O-R-M ing them, they have already seen my web site, so then I just go right into the Follow-up script and get them on a Business overview Call, all in the first call. I have now found my permanent Marketing Campaign. Thanks CEM. Cindy, CA

Out of 5 movie leads, I was able to contact 4 of them and have 1 deciding where she wants to get started with Coastal Travel. Excellent job on finding phenomenal people to help. Keep up the great work!!! Jamie TX

Our mission is to create the absolute best environment possible for someone who wants to succeed. If I could share all the things going on behind the scenes with you it would take much longer then we have. Anyone who is working part time consistently should be able to succeed. Cadie from MN is a good example 2-3 hours a day and she’s averaging 7K a month. Not everyone is interested in working as hard as I may or you may a lot of people are happy with working part time. Not everyone wants to make a 6 figure income, and that’s OK as long as we give them a way to reach their personal goals.

That being said keep paying attention we are totally excited about a couple of things that you will see over the next few weeks. We are doing all we can to make it simple. Of course we each have to still do the work. DUH!

Have a powerful week!
Stacy O’Quinn

P.S. If you are going to Portland respond to this email and let’s start getting new prospects trained!

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