Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3 People Taught Me Amazing Things at Dynasty

Just getting back yesterday from Creating a Dynasty an advanced training seminar with Dani Johnson which was unbelieveable. Dani's events continue to grow as she grows and I truly have no idea where we will be in the next year. Much less the growth of our team!

This blog post is a little different though because something made an impact on me at this last seminar that I will not forget very soon. I'll tell you more about that in a minute.

Birds of a feather flock together. Have you ever been in an experience and what the outcome became was a little different then what you expected? Dani Johnson's seminars and for sure Dynasty is absolutely an amazing event. Often times we don't even maximize an opportunity we have because we do not realize what environment we are in.

That is what I experienced this weekend. I expected as usual that Dani Johnson and her training would make a huge impact on my life and business. I mean come on it's because of that training that I made a 6 figure income my first year from home. But this weekend something else increased that impact.

I met 3 people at Dynasty that are not in my business or own my team. I've never really interacted with them until going to a Dani Johnson event. The each proved something amazing and powerful. I can strategically learn from each of them and I have!

First there is Jeff Rudy, He is a gentleman that you can just feel an aura of leadership and confidence around him. He is one of those people when you are talking with him he makes you extremely comfortable and you can tell that if you want to go places follow him. He impressed me by that sheer confidence he put off and made me realize that any leader has to have that trait. YOU MUST KNOW where you are going and how you plan to get there.

Second, I met John Hill. John made you realize in just a few moments that he was a guy that really truly cares for other people. He is a safe person to be around. You never have to wander were he is coming from in his communication he is extremely percise and strategic in the words that he uses. I realize communicating like that is something I must learn. Thanks John!

Last and certainly not least I met a young lady named Ashley Schmidt. I quickly understood that style and determination are things that you don't find very often at least not the way Ashley puts the two together. She dresses with a style that makes you notice her and once you've met her it's only the beginning. It only takes a few seconds talking to her to understand that she is prepared to climb any mountain that she must to reach her goals. It was inspiring! She has a desire to impact children and to guide people on raising their kids. I have no doubt many kids will be blessed because of her efforts.

This weekend was a big deal! We had 35 DFI and Coastal Travel members there total! Dani Johnson certainly was on her game like usual. But I will never forget the impact that Ashley Schmidt, John Hill and Jeff Rudy had on me. If you ever met one of these guys you will never ever forget it

Keep Your Eyes Open!
Stacy O'Quinn

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