Thursday, May 29, 2008

Name 10 things that are positive in your life!

Are you struggling right now? Are you unhappy with the way somethings are going in your life? Are you where you wanted to be at this point in your life already? WHY!

Okay, a couple more questions for you...

What is the best thing happening in your life right now? Stop and think for a minute where you are right now in your home, office, school, business, job, library or church; and even looking at this website what can you think of right now that you are grateful for?

Which questions where easier to answer? Why is that? Every thing that we can think of negative and that we complain about has a positive. It's easy to find the positive as well.

-I don't like my job, BUT it pays the bills thank God!

-I don't like my home we are cramped and not enough bedrooms for the kids, BUT thank goodness we have a roof over our head!

-I don't like my boss, BUT thank God he hired me!

-I don't make enough money, BUT thank you Lord I have some money!

Every single thing we have to complain about has a positive that we are not focusing on!!! Then you have positive things in your life that you don't complain about at all.

Did you catch that? Everything we complain about has a positive aspect and every thing that we are positive about we don't complain or tear down to others. So we have more positive things going on but somehow we find it much more simple to complain.

If you want more of the positive things going on in your life, then Praise God for the good things. Praise those little seeds of hope and those little tiny gifts God has given us so they can actually reach their full potential in your life!

A Pastor friend shared this story with me and it's all about keeping things in perspective.

There was a girl and she wanted to tell her parents how she had failed a class in college and she did not know how to tell them so she wrote a letter similar to this.

Dear MOM and DAD,

Because of the fire set off in my dorms by riots I had temporary lung damage and had to go to the hopsital. While I was there I fell in love with an orderly and we moved in together. I dropped out of school when I found out I was pregnant and he got fired because of his drinking. So we are moving to Alaska where we might get married after the birth of our baby.


Your Loving Daughter

P.S. None of this really happened but I did fluke my chemistry class and I wanted to keep things in perspective.

Name 10 things that are postive in your life right now... see how long it takes you!

To Your Success,

Stacy O'Quinn

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