Thursday, May 15, 2008

Can June be your month of MOMENTUM?

To the Best Looking People in all of DFI!

Have you ever been able to build your business with strategic insight? Have you ever been in a position on a day to day basis to see how everyone else around you is building their business? Have you ever been working and came across a situation and wandered how you could have done better in a given circumstance? Do you want to increase your results? Do you want to work your business so that it is fun again without striving or struggling? Do you want a simple plan to help others?

During the month of June we are planning to position ourselves to maximize the “Low Hanging Fruit” Dani Johnson refers too. We will be having accountability as a team and increase team calls. Also many of us will be part of Tom Challan’s classes. Tom Challan grew a team of 20,000 people in two years!!! DO you want to know how he did that? Sign up for his classes right now. Before they fill up!

More details will be coming... in the next week. For now forward this to everyone on your team and let them be aware of the Month of MOMENTUM! Anyone you are working with is more than welcome to take part in our month of momentum!

Here is what I need from you!

1. Will you be taking part in the month of momentum?

2. Will you be part of the classes with Tom Challan?

3. Along with team meetings weekly discussing our results what other suggestions would you have for the month of momentum?

4. Would you be interested in 15 minute kick off calls certain days of the week? Any other suggestions just let me know!

NOTE: You must have your membership package and be committed to actively building your business for 30 days to be part of this!

Stacy OQuinn
Stay at Home DAD

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