Monday, May 19, 2008

DFI Continues to EXPLODE! Congrats!!!

We want to send a very special welcome to our newest members of our DFI TEAM! We look forward to hearing you and your story on our conference calls. Pay close attention to your call schedule and join our team LIVE!

Our newest members from last week are...

Jose Escobar
Richard Schatz
Jimmy Walker
Penny O'Brien
Susan Gelder
Constance Gehman
Reyes Garcia
Christie Rea
Carl Smith
Teresa Flores
Rick Short
Ae Escribano
Josh Snead
Rachel Nikzad
Robert Cole
Chris Martens

Welcome to the TEAM and Congrats!!! To each of you we embrace you and your success! You came accross DFI for a reason, nothing happens by accident and we support you 100%. This is your first whole week building your business, GOOD LUCK!

See you on the calls!
Stacy O'Quinn

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