Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dani Johnson Recently Interviewed On The Lisa Oz Show

Multimillionaire Dani Johnson recently stopped by The Liza Oz Show to provide a radio interview. Lisa’s show deals with personal growth and how to thrive in relationships. She focuses on relationships with self, others, the environment, and even the divine. This Oprah Radio Network show was the perfect forum for Dani to share what she has learned.

During the interview, Dani explained to Lisa how each of us can rewrite our life scripts and overcome obstacles to achieve the life we want, even when the odds seem to be against us. Not only did Dani provide listeners with general advice, she offered tips specific to relationships, marriage, debt, and wealth attainment.

Dani knows what it feels like to be kicked around, literally. She explained her abusive childhood to listeners, revealing her teenage pregnancy and homelessness. Dani went on to reveal that just two years after being homeless, she was a millionaire. She used her life lessons to create a program that has helped hundreds of thousands of others achieve a lifestyle of their dreams.

What drove Dani to her own life change was a decision, made on the day after Christmas. Determined to no longer be broke and homeless, she started a business out of the trunk of her car. Through this business of selling a weight-loss product, Dani mastered sales and marketing. She also learned how to coach others, a skill that she uses to create and deliver her current advice for achieving success.

One thing that Dani stressed about her program is that it does not require self-sacrifice. Participants are not required to exchange their time with family or friends, endanger their health, or stop having fun. Whether their situation is as dire as Dani’s was or they want to address a specific life area, Dani can help people do it.

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