Monday, November 21, 2011

Resolve To Change Your Future From the Inside Out

Most business owners are used to change coming at them from the outside world. New competitors force them to change the way they do business. Technological developments alter the way customers interact with the company. The economy changes business strategy and new laws change operational processes.

Change coming from outside also affects business owners personally. The stock market changes investment behavior and inflation alters how and where money is spent. All of this externally-generated change puts them into a reactionary mode, constantly putting out fires and managing crises. Things are so far gone that business strategy books are now teaching entrepreneurs that success requires the ability to react quickly.

Falling into this mindset forces business owners to constantly engage in crisis management. Over time, they lose control of how the future unfolds and the result is often undesirable. Altering this course requires driving change from the inside out, from both individual and organization perspectives. Business owners must see the opportunity in the future and take steps to harness it.

Fighting virtual fires is a reality but it does not move the business forward in a productive way. To create six figure income, business owners must pull away from the latest crisis and focus on the future. Rather than wallowing in uncertainties, they should recognize what they are certain will happen in the next few years and decide how they will handle any resulting problems. Taking a more proactive approach to problem resolution puts them back in control of their professional course.

This approach also helps them to make their ideal future a reality. By identifying the desired scenario, they can determine steps that can be taken now to help get them there. Setting aside just one hour a day for forward-thinking can alter business and personal outcomes in a very positive way, eliminating the possibility of a disappointing future.

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