Friday, November 18, 2011

Take Every Up-Sell Opportunity Available

Having a home based business that operates entirely online offers many benefits. The freedom to work from home during hours that are convenient and sell nearly anything imaginable are several of them. However, face-to-face contact with customers is not one. The best home based business ventures find ways around this roadblock. They take advantage of every opportunity to up-sell a customer.

Offering add-ons during the checkout process is one of the best ways to increase average sale value, whether the transaction is taking place offline or online. There is always an opportunity to sell more, no matter what product or service is being offered. Discounts for multiple purchases, free gift-wrapping, and free shipping with a minimum order are a few examples.

Online business owners should brainstorm relevant add-ons for their business. Once they have developed a list, they should weave these features into their online sales checkout process. This ensures that once they land a customer, the sale is maximized. Better to capture the business now than hope that the individual will return in the future.

Too many online entrepreneurs make the mistake of failing to up-sell customers. They think that because the customer is not staring them in the face, there is no possibility of persuasion. The truth is, they can be just as convincing in writing as in person. New business owners may even be braver with an online venture because they can “hide” behind the site. Were they offering the items face-to-face, they may not be as bold.

Review your Web site now to identify whether the checkout pages suggest upgrades or add-ons. If not, update the content to include these features. Look at what the big online sellers do, imitate their efforts, and add some original offerings. The positive results should be immediately noticeable. Maintain this practice, changing up-sell opportunities on a regular basis.

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