Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dani Johnson Shows Us That Money Is Not Always The Answer

Many people believe that additional income is the answer to their problems. Whether they are trying to pay off debt, increase their investments, or just live more comfortably, they believe that money is the solution. This thinking is justified by what we see and read in the media. However, the truth is that money can buy neither happiness nor success.

Through her program entitled “War on Debt,” Dani Johnson teaches us that whether we are single parents or athletic superstars, we are participating on a level playing field. The only difference in the outcome of this game in life is us. Some people dust themselves off after a setback and run the rest of the way down the field to victory. Others sit and wallow in despair, never getting themselves out of the situation.

“War on Debt” is a home study program that teaches us how to pay off our debt without earning any more money than we do right now. Using a simple chart for debt elimination, we track our progress in implementing the step-by-step instructions. Dani provides a formula for debt elimination that thousands of people have already used to pay off millions of dollars in debt.

Through this program, Dani also teaches us the difference between smart and foolish spending. Our failure to distinguish these two categories is what leads many of us to land in debt. We also learn how to identify areas where we are spending more than necessary. By addressing these, we free up money to repay high interest debts.

The economy is not going to do us any favors, so we need to get ourselves out of debt now. The “War on Debt” program provides us with the tools necessary to achieve a debt-free lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please call me: 888-348-0180

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