Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Glimpse Of First Steps to Wealth

Multimillionaire entrepreneur Dani Johnson has authored several books and First Steps to Wealth is the newest. The reviews are already in and the book gets two thumbs up from readers. Here is a brief glimpse of the information shared by Dani within the pages. You are forewarned- the message is profound!

Dani shares a secret regarding her experience starting a business…she struggled. For months straight, she struggled without achieving any success. She then met someone who had started his business at the same time and was experiencing much different results. This gentleman was earning more than $15,000 a month, so Dani asked him to explain what he did.

The man agreed, but provided four rules, the first of which was that if Dani offered one excuse, he would stop working with her. Most people spend time creating and justifying excuses instead of putting their effort into a creating a result. Excuses keep businesses small and owners broke. To achieve success, people must stop making excuses and begin producing results.

The second rule provided by Dani’s mentor was that he would stop working with her if she gave opinions or suggestions. He said this because he was finding success with his methods and systems, while she was not. Her opinions and suggestions would only serve to make her sound as if she knew more than she did. Until she achieved his level of success, she should keep her mouth shut and follow his lead.

This flows into the third rule, which was doing as she was told. Dani said this is the second most powerful business strategy she ever learned. She was to follow the steps used by her mentor, in the exact order he did them, without any alterations or shortcuts. Valuable information and you will need to read First Steps to Wealth to learn the fourth rule!

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