Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dani Johnson Offers Stress Prevention Tips

According to the National Health Interview Survey, some stress is experienced by 75 percent of us every two weeks. Millions of people suffer from an unhealthy level of work-related stress. In addition to its emotional effects, stress contributes to high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes and affects the immune system.

Stress plays such a major role in society that the U.S. Public Health Service lists stress reduction as one of its major goals. Through her Spiritual Equipping radio show, Dani Johnson Secret Millionaire is helping Americans to combat their stress. She presents a way for people to test their stress level and discover if they should make adjustments in their life. Where the weekly fellowship may fall short, Dani delves into the topic and shares her stress-elimination techniques.

Whether stress comes from school, work, family obligations, or even religion itself, Dani can help others cope. People should not wait until their stress level becomes unbearable to take action. When stress reaches the level of anxiety, which affects nearly half of all Americans, it can be difficult to reverse. Leaving the issue unaddressed can have deadly consequences.

Many religious congregations brush over topics that are relevant to daily life. Spiritual principles are sometimes not adequately related to life as we know it. This does nothing to reduce the stress that many in the congregation are suffering. Some religions actually increase worshipper stress levels due to the guilt they inflict.

Dani is a very religious person and has combined her faith with techniques for stress reduction. Visit her Web site to listen to a recording of her Spiritual Equipping broadcast regarding stress. The only person who can reduce your stress level is you, so take the first step, letting Dani be your guide. The result could be a happier, healthier life!

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