Monday, December 12, 2011

Dani Johnson Steps Into The Kitchen

Just before Thanksgiving, self-made millionaire Dani Johnson recorded a segment called “In the Kitchen” for the live show broadcast by Health Beauty Life Magazine. During the show, Dani explained how anyone can prepare a gourmet meal for the family within 30 minutes for only one dollar per person. She showed viewers how to put their fridge and pantry contents to good use, eliminating waste while reducing monthly grocery expenses.

A video of the segment is available on Dani’s website for all to view. For just $100 per week, Dani manages to feed a family of eight, offering amazing meals that everyone loves. She shows us how to do this so we save cash by dining in rather than at expensive restaurants. Her message is particularly relevant during the holiday season, when many people are pressed for time.

Being able to create a meal in a half-hour without much effort is just what most families need this time of year. Though fast food restaurants may offer reasonable prices, most of their meals are not healthy. The family will be much better off eating a tasty, nutritious home-cooked meal that uses common, low-priced grocery items.

With some veggies, sausage, a homemade cream sauce, and pasta, Dani prepared a meal for ten people for just $12. Using what you have, rather than heading to the store and purchasing a missing ingredient, is what saves money. Dani calls this “Improvising an Imperfection,” and with her family, it had amazing results.

This is just one money saving tip that we can immediately begin applying in our life. In her “War on Debt” home study program, Dani teaches us other techniques for paying off our debt, including the mortgage, within five to seven years. People all over the country have applied her methods to become financially independent.

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