Friday, December 16, 2011

How To Avoid Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Many work at home business owners include social media in their promotional efforts. A consumer revolution is occurring and businesses are being required to change their business models to roll with it. Digital media is influencing nearly every segment of industry and companies who do not embrace it are bound to fail. On the flip side, there are also ways to use social media improperly. Avoid them by following these tips.

While some home business owners loath technology, others embrace it. They can get so excited that they overextend themselves in an effort to jump on the latest technological trends. Home business owners must realize that they cannot and should not be everywhere. They should participate only in social media arenas frequented by their prospects and customers.

Social media efforts do not end with establishing a presence. The business owner must engage with prospects and customers in order to make the company and its offerings look attractive. A Twitter follower or Facebook “Like” is nice but it will not pay the bills. Using social media to meet sales goals requires a plan to engage people and get them to purchase what you are selling.

Being authentic and transparent to customers and prospects is not enough to engage these audiences. Social media efforts must deliver value and create a presence that makes people want to learn more. By implementing its mission and vision through these efforts, the business owner connects authenticity with the core of the company, engaging others.

Listening is an important part of social media strategies but so is talking. Before starting a conversation with customers and prospects, business owners should determine a purpose for the communication. This should involve replying to people familiar with the brand and engaging those who are not, so they can be converted to customers.

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