Monday, December 19, 2011

Dani Johnson Offers Advice For Paying Off Holiday Debt

Millionaire Dani Johnson is on the move again, recently appearing on Better TV to provide tips on paying off holiday debt. This nationally syndicated television show advised people how to better their lives. In addition to segments on decorating, fitness, and trends, it covers finance-related subjects, making it the perfect venue for Dani to offer her advice.

Many people will enter 2012 in debt and Dani offers ways to eliminate it. She says that people are literally throwing money in the trash can when it comes to grocery items. By not visiting the grocery store until they have eaten all the food in the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry, people can save big bucks.

Purchasing only the amount of food needed in the near future prevents items from going stale or spoiling. Dining in rather than eating at restaurants immediately adds hundreds of dollars per month to the household budget. Packing a lunch for work each day and preparing coffee at home rather than buying the items can also save substantial cash. The money saved should be used to repay debt, diminishing those high credit card balances from holiday spending.

Living a more frugal lifestyle does not mean sacrificing all the luxuries. Dani recommends that people evaluate these indulgencies to determine if they are really worth it. They should also review their bank statements for errors because oversights occur all the time. Dani offered the example of one client who was being charged for four gym memberships.

Dani mentioned another client who saved $60,000 in just 2 ½ years by following simple tips like these. Another was able to pay off a quarter of a million dollars in debt by following the techniques outlined in Dani’s book, First Steps To Wealth. You could be the next person she features in a book or talks about on a show, but ONLY if you take the first step!

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