Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last-Minute Holiday Savings Tips From Dani Johnson

The holiday budget may be bursting right now, but never fear, Dani Johnson has come to the rescue. She recently appeared on the Fox & Friends show on Fox News Channel, offering helpful tips for earning money during this season of spending. The author of First Steps To Wealth shared her rags to riches story, which has a holiday twist.

At one point, Dani was homeless and had just two dollars in her pocket. By Christmas time just two years later, she was a millionaire. She started a business from the trunk of her car and a payphone booth, making $250,000 her first year. Dani can identify with consumers in desperate financial situations because she was one of them. Now, the multimillionaire offers tips on how others can improve their situation.

Using tips that Dani provides on her website, people can make more money during the holiday season. Some of her clients have even tripled their income during the holidays doing part-time jobs like decorating for holiday parties or shopping or baking for others. As a holiday “elf,” people can earn money for holiday spending rather than putting themselves into debt.

Sometimes, people get so hopeless that they become unmotivated. At this point, they must stop feeling sorry for themselves and blaming others. Instead, they must step up and do something to better their circumstances. Dani knows how people can get out of this difficult situation. With her latest book and her website, she offers them advice on how to do it.

This information continues to be useful long after the holiday season has passed. As people begin to get themselves on more solid financial ground, the future looks brighter because they see their dreams becoming reality. Dani is there every step of the way, guiding others toward a life of wealth, success, and fulfillment.

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