Friday, January 27, 2012

Dani Johnson Appears On Herman & Sharron Show On CTN

On January 25 and 26, Dani Johnson visited the “It’s Time for Herman & Sharron Show” on Christian Television Network (CTN). During her latest media appearance, the self-made millionaire had no problem sharing her rags to riches story. Dani came from an abusive household, managed to survive being homeless and on welfare, and is now a multimillionaire on a mission to help others.

Dani is not shy about her faith, making her the perfect guest for this top-rated Christian cable television program. Dani is currently raising a family and despite her wealth, she has learned how to do it on a budget. She does not want to repeat her initial mistake of spending all the money she earned. Been there, done that, she says. Link

The life story Dani relayed to Herman & Sharron is real. It is difficult to hear at times but it is also inspirational. Many people can relate to the unfortunate circumstances that Dani found herself in at a young age. This multimillionaire hopes to encourage them to change their lives like she did. Through her media appearances, she lets others know she is here to help.

Dani offers training programs regarding career, finance, family matters, faith, and business. One of her main crusades is helping people get out of debt. Success stories can be found on her website and in her books and training materials. Simply by following her advice, average people have eliminated their debt and are now earning six figures.

If you missed Dani’s appearance on CTN, look for a rebroadcast. In the meantime, browse the helpful information on her website and read one of her books. Bringing Dani into your world could be life-changing like it has been for thousands of other people. A successful, fulfilling, debt-free life may be right around the corner.

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