Saturday, January 28, 2012

Make Blogging A Priority This Year

If you have a work at home business, make blogging a primary digital marketing strategy this year. According to the experts, blogging and social media are the formula for success in 2012. More online businesses will realize how powerful excellent content is and how social media can help spread this information. Become one of them and you may find yourself earning six figures this year.

Every online business owner should focus on search engine optimization. This is what lands the company website on the first page of online search results lists. Google bases it rankings partially on backlinks from blogs. Some SEO experts report that rankings are more affected by these backlinks than by keywords. Creating an informative blog that inspires thought positions the entrepreneur as a subject matter expert, increasing the backlinks.

Few consumers have enough free time to read a newspaper, book, or even an article. They are much more likely to read a short blog. These people represent the target audience, making blogging even more important. A blog can even be monetized, offering additional income through tools like Google AdSense.

A decent blogger builds and maintains a loyal following and drives traffic to the company website. These individuals are few and far between, so if you consider yourself one, start blogging right away. Regardless of what the company sells, a blog can give you a competitive advantage. Just look at TMZ, Engadget, and Mashable.

Blogs bring the target market to you and they are great platforms for testing ideas and sparking conversations with prospects and customers. They can be used to announce a new product or service, generate feedback, and create a buzz. Using social media like Facebook or Twitter to link to a blog that features a short video can be enough to encourage people to visit the company website.

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