Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dani Johnson Gets On The Tim Tebow Discussion

With his dual threat of passing and rushing, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has already become a legend. He has also gotten much attention for his colorful language and stance on controversial issues like abortion. Marvel Comics has even rendered him a superhero. Now, Dani Johnson is weighing in on the Tebow media firestorm.

Tebow makes many bold statements to others of all age groups. Like those of any sports figure, his messages can have a particularly strong impact on children. Some people are fans, while others are ready for a break from this guy. On a recent installment of her Wednesday radio show, Dani shared what she thought about all things Tebow.

If you missed the broadcast, you can listen to it on Dani’s Web site. She discusses how we can develop boldness to walk our own talk. Certain people stand up, while others kneel in deference to their faith. Understanding the difference is important. As adults, we must position both our message and ourselves in a positive way for younger generations. We also must learn how to recognize which role models are right for our children and which are not.

Dani offers additional insight and advice regarding childrearing in her home study program called “Grooming The Next Generation For Success.” Her blueprint for raising children can be used with youth of all ages, even during the most challenging circumstances. Having this useful roadmap can prove invaluable to parents who need a helping hand.

It is never too early to groom children for success in educational endeavors and life in general. According to Dani, 98 percent of parents allow their children to become dishonorable, unproductive, or something worse. If you want to avoid falling into that majority, listen to Dani’s radio show recording and explore this home training program.

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