Monday, January 16, 2012

Earn A 6 Figure Income Working From Home

If you know how to write, you can earn a six figure income without getting out of your pajamas. This does not involve doing anything illegal or even immoral. You do not need to be a bestselling author or have a script picked up by a movie or television show. In fact, anyone considered an average writer can earn a six figure salary by following a few simple tips.

Having the proper mindset is one of the most powerful motivators. Getting serious about earning money requires shedding the poverty mentality that many writers possess. Making money a concern creates a sense of urgency that drive people to acquire it. Breaking the desired income down to a daily revenue goal makes the figure more tangible.

Determine which writing-related tasks will command this daily earning figure. To earn $100,000 per year, a writer must make $400 a day. Ghostwriting speeches, books, ad copy, and even annual reports may equate to this level of earnings. Though $400 may not be made every day, the days that fall short can be made up for by other days when projects are plentiful and productivity is at its peak.

Deciding how to spend time during the workday is important. Place a dollar value on time and outsource any tasks or services that cost less than this amount. Time is non-renewable but you can always earn more money, making time the more valuable of the two commodities. Increasing productivity makes time work for you.

The best way to prevent a block with a writing job is to have an assortment of projects pertaining to various topics. If possible, also incorporate different formats into the mix. This variety prevents fatigue and boredom and results in more consistency. Going after high paying assignments in lucrative markets shortens the road to six figure earnings.

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