Friday, January 13, 2012

Mark Your Calendars For January 17 And 24 Dani Johnson Teleseminars

The new year has begun and the plan to achieve annual resolutions is underway. Losing weight and getting out of debt are the most common goals and are often not achieved. This stops this year! Dani Johnson is holding a ONE TIME ONLY two part teleseminar to help you achieve these goals during 2012.

Did you know that you can live like a millionaire and spend less money than you currently do? It’s true and Dani will show you how. This teleseminar, entitled “Cut the Fat: How to Build the Bank (and Lose Weight)” will not be repeated. Each session runs from 7 to 9 PM Central Standard Time via the telephone or a Web simulcast.

Dani will reveal how to feed an entire family for no more than $100 per week. She will also explain how to change “fat” into savings or use it to repay debt. She has a tested method that enables people to repay debt in record time- attend the teleseminar to learn it. Learning how to slim the waistline, save cash, and fatten the wallet is worth four hours of time.

With a proven method to reduce grocery costs, anyone will be better off financially. Dani explains how money-saving efforts in the kitchen can be duplicated within other areas of life. Budget creep and how to stop bleeding from the wallet will also be covered. This event is an easy way to cross two items off the resolution list.

Dani feeds her own family on just $100 a week so you can too. She lives the methods she will explain in this teleseminar. Anyone who is ready to conquer their resolutions and never look back should immediately register on Dani’s site. It costs only $97 to attend and just $47 to for an MP3 recording of the event.

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