Thursday, January 12, 2012

From Executive To Executive Placement- A Great Home Based Business

Despite their attractive paychecks, even executives may tire of the 9 to 5 grind. At this level within the organization, it is more like the 5 to 9 grind. Many executives work in their office from early morning to late night and then go home and work until bedtime. Eventually, this takes a toll on some, who begin looking for the escape hatch.

Giving up a corporate job with its nice salary, ample benefits, and prestige can be difficult. Despite the sacrifices, some executives are leaving their corporate offices to start a work at home business. Though the work environment may be different, they still have the same knowledge, skills, and drive. But, what home based jobs match their experience level and income requirements?

An executive recruiting business is a natural choice. Recruiters match prospective employees with companies that have job openings. During their years in business, executives make many connections on both sides of the fence. They have established networks with some of the best companies and know at least a few superstar employees.

Most recruiters specialize and it makes sense for the corporate executive to focus on the sector he or she knows best. After deciding on a niche and selecting a catchy business name, an accountant and attorney should be consulted to establish the legal and financial structures for the business. It then becomes time to develop marketing collateral like letterhead, business cards, printed advertising, and a website.

By putting communication, networking, and negotiating skills to use, a former corporate executive can enjoy a lucrative career as an executive recruiter. Most recruiters charge their corporate clients either a flat fee or a percentage of salary for each individual hired. By placing a few highly compensated people each month, this job could be as financially rewarding as the old one.

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