Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making Every Day A Winner When Working From Home

Even the best home based business has its trying days. Work satisfaction may seem unachievable and the day may feel never-ending. Before reaching for the caffeine, try these simple techniques to lighten your mood and increase your productivity. Stress and frustration will melt away, allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand.

On the busiest days, eating may be a luxury. This can cause blood sugar levels to drop, making you irritable and unproductive. When there is no time for a lunch break, snack at regular intervals. Prepare trail mix and cut veggies and fruit ahead of time. Fill a bottle with water and drink throughout the day to remain hydrated. When it is time for a hot beverage, sip herbal or green tea.

An inviting work area makes the day more pleasant. Add photos of friends and family and burn lightly scented candles. On days when an extra pick-me-up is needed, buy fresh flowers and display them on the desk. Open the curtains and let natural light flow into the room, turning off artificial lighting whenever possible.

Sitting all day is not healthy so make time for a brief mid-day break. Run up and down the stairs several times or take a walk around the block to energize while burning calories. Stepping away from a project for a few minutes can provide a new perspective. Talking to others is another way to take a break, so email or call a friend.

When the most difficult days or weeks are over, provide yourself with a small reward. This can be as simple as a quiet night reading a book or a trip to the movies. Start planning your treat at the beginning of the week so you have something to look forward to when things get rough. When the time comes, enjoy the spoils you have earned.

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