Thursday, January 5, 2012

Equip Yourself Spiritually With Help From Dani Johnson

January is the month for Dani Johnson training. At the end of this month, Dani will be holding both her First Steps To Success and Spiritual Equipping in the Marketplace seminars in Orlando, Florida. To prepare for their spiritual equipping experience, attendees should listen to Dani’s radio show on Heartbeat Radio USA each Sunday from 8 to 10 AM Central Time.

On her Web site, Dani provides a link to past Spiritual Equipping radio segments. Begin by listening to these archives and make a point to tune in to the radio show on Sunday morning for the next three weeks. By the time January 28 rolls around, you will be raring to go in Orlando. By preparing yourself and becoming inspired, you will get the most from this seminar.

Many listeners take the radio show themes to heart, incorporating them into their own lives. Some even relay the messages to others who could benefit from hearing them. Releasing fear, eliminating anxiety, and creating a life filled with peace and faith will make anyone feel more complete. Dani and her guests explain ways to do this without creating stress in the process.

After listening to the show and letting the information sink in, past rejections may come to light as the reason for present fear. Business owners and others cannot allow these roadblocks to persist. Developing professional relationships and increasing the customer base requires entrepreneurs to overcome their fear of rejection. The path to success will then be clear.

It is amazing what we can learn if we just listen carefully. We often find ourselves relating to stories told by others. We can improve the outcome of negative situations by incorporating lessons these individuals learned. After spiritually equipping ourselves through the radio show and seminar, we can tackle 2012 with a sense of faith and purpose.

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