Friday, January 6, 2012

Excerpts From First Steps To Wealth

First Steps To Wealth, the latest book from Dani Johnson, teaches people how to get everything they want from their life and much more. Dani is an expert on this topic, as she is currently living it. She came from nothing and was homeless at 21. By age 23, she was a millionaire, thanks to a business selling skin care and nutritional products.

Many people know this story but not what happened next. After selling her company in 1996, Dani lost her fortune due to excessive spending and misplaced trust in others. She managed to rebuild her empire and is now a multimillionaire with multiple businesses. She has mastered how to earn money, now knows how to retain it, and has figured out how to make it work for her.

In her new book, Dani shocks readers by telling them that by age 65, 98 percent of the population will either be broke or dead. A mere two percent will succeed. This is enough to motivate anyone to continue reading. To get into that very desirable minority, Dani says a person must have financial vision, something she did not possess the first time she became a millionaire.

Having material possessions does not always make someone feel successful. According to some people, we find success by doing what we love. Dani says it is about going through the door in front of us. We may not love the opportunity but if we learn to make the best of it and work hard, we can find success.

Dani employed several fundamental principles, which she dubs the “12 Laws of Success,” to move herself from poverty to prosperity. Over the past 20 years, she has showed other people how these principles can help them. She explains each in detail within First Steps To Wealth, providing a path to success for anyone willing to read.

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