Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finding Success With A Dani Johnson Script Book

Every home based business owner should get a Dani Johnson script book, read it from cover to cover, and implement the recommended techniques. This book will change your business and your life. Dani is a walking home business success story and she is still going strong. Experts agree that she is the best recruiter in the home business world.

What is this script book, you ask? It is a compilation of the questions and statements that Dani uses to recruit people to her home business. The words and phrases proven to be most effective are all there, presented in a nice little package. All you need to is listen and read. Two audio training CDs are provided with the book. These explain the strategies, principles, and techniques necessary for successful use of the scripts.

On the CDs, listeners experience Dani using her own scripts in role-plays with others. Audio training is most suitable for this because it allows people to hear the posture and tone of voice necessary for effective recruiting. Listeners hear Dani in action and can then practice with others to perfect their approach.

The key principles in the script book are building rapport and discovering what others are seeking. Dani’s recruiting process is driven by what people say they want, making success almost a given. This approach is personalized, taking the desires, needs, and goals of the individual into account. To implement it effectively, you must listen, ask questions, and make others feel like they are appreciated.

This book serves as a guide to success for any home business owner. It illustrates what they have been doing wrong and how to correct it. The techniques are proven so there is no question that they work. With this script book as a resource, even a novice home business owner can become an expert recruiter.

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