Friday, January 20, 2012

Work From Home Opportunities For Pet Lovers

The majority of U.S. households own pets, creating millions of potential customers for a pet-related work at home business. If you love animals and are brainstorming entrepreneurial ventures, consider a business that deals with pets. With a creative idea and excellent marketing, you will develop a career that not only provides a generous income but is also fun.

A pet-related home business can be extremely lucrative as Geese Police founder David Marcks will attest. He based his now multimillion-dollar business on his dog’s enthusiasm for goose chasing. Whether you use your pets to earn a living or focus on pet owners, you can create a profitable business.

Pet sitting is one of the most popular pet-focused businesses. People need someone to care for their pets when they are away on vacation or spending long hours at work. Pet sitters come into the home and care for the pet when the owner is absent. This may involve walking the animal, feeding it, and making sure it has enough water. Some pet sitters also serve as house sitters, staying at the residence until the owner returns.

Doggy day care is a similar idea but involves caring for pets within your home. Charging less than a kennel allows you to capture that customer base. Dogs will have fun socializing and playing with other canines. Experienced groomers can offer services like nail trimming, shampooing, and cutting while the dog is under their care.

Anyone who has a few large trained dogs can start a guard dog rental business. This requires commercial liability insurance and in some states, a watch, guard, and patrol license. Dogs can be used to protect indoor and outdoor areas at a price much less than security guard services. If training dogs is your thing, offer this service to government agencies, high-profile individuals, and businesses.

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