Monday, January 23, 2012

Dani Johnson Makes Appearance On Inspiration Television

Self-made multimillionaire Dani Johnson recently appeared on Inspiration Television, explaining how anyone can win the war on debt. She should know, as she did it herself. With her proven method, thousands of people have followed her lead. In her recent television interview, Dani revealed secrets for eliminating debt.

This was Dani’s first appearance on this television channel. The show first aired at 11 AM Eastern on January 18. Two additional shows were broadcast at the same time on January 19 and 20. If you were unable to catch the broadcast and did not set your DVR, visit Dani’s Web site and join the Insider group to learn about what was discussed.

While on the site, read some of the many success stories, including that of Dianne McGuigan. In just six months, Dianne went from being broke to earning six figures. How did she do it? Listen to a recent Wednesday Radio Show recording from Dani because it features the inspiring story of an average person finding success.

To provide a brief background, Dianne is a single mother of three. She was living from one paycheck to the next but still falling behind with bills. Just 13 months ago, her local community banded together to provide a used stove, Christmas presents, and home and auto repairs because she could not afford them. Though she was emotionally and financially drained, she chose to make life better for her family.

This determination is what led Dianne to Dani. She managed to attend a previous “First Steps to Success” workshop and immediately reaped the benefits. Within 30 days, Dianne generated more than $29,000 with her new business. During the following six months, she brought in more than $100,000 and repaid $40,000 in debt. She is on track to be debt-free by 2012 and she feels great.

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