Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Go Shopping With Secret Millionaire Dani Johnson

Dani Johnson claims she can feed a family of six for just $100 a week but few people believe her. She recently proved it, with an undercover video recording her as she shopped in the grocery store. She guided viewers down each aisle, showing them how they can keep money in their pockets while purchasing healthy food for the family.

Dani revealed a few tips that will help consumers fatten their wallets. She explained how supermarkets can rob shoppers and how to outsmart sensory overload tactics used by many grocery advertisers. She also discussed the difference between a necessity and a luxury. Many consumers are ill-informed in these areas and Dani is prepared to set them straight.

The informative video is located on Dani’s website for all to view. It covers a portion of what was discussed during Part 1 of her Debt Elimination & Financial Independence Webinar and Teleseminar. Beneath the video is an audio recording of an exclusive interview with Dani, where she provides answers to frequently asked questions.

If the video piques your interest, you may wish you participated in Part 1 of the seminar. It is not too late because you can register for Part 2 and receive access to the complete Part 1 Webinar. When it comes to eliminating debt, waiting until later is not an option. Left ignored, financial issues do not go away, they only worsen, taking the credit score with them.

In addition to showing people how to live well on under $100 per week, Dani explains how to quickly and completely eliminate debt. She teaches participants her “War On Debt” system, a proven method that tens of thousands of people have used to become debt-free. With the step-by-step detail offered in this seminar, anyone can immediately embark on the road to financial freedom.

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